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Just a few suggestions Empty Just a few suggestions

Post by Joe on Tue Jun 14, 2016 3:10 am

So me and a guy Revq got to talking ingame, and he had a few good suggestions and we also got to figuring out some together, and even inspired me to come up with some myself. So with his permission I've dicided to post some of his and my suggestions on here.


I believe some hard work being put into advertising could be helpful, now not to say you guys aren't already trying cause like I say I'm only new so I don't know what steps have been taken so far, but I see you guys both have good youtube channels which can definitely be helpful, that's what brought me here. Also some proper advertisement on other rsps communities and sites could do well. I have also already tried recruiting some friends of my own, everyone in the community should try there best to do this, but no advertising on other servers, I think this will make us look worse if anything.


I think we could do well with maybe some sorts of custom content or oldschool content, mainly for range and mage I think we could do with. I think these sort of things could grab new peoples attention.


I think skilling benefits would be very good, skilling is something a lot of people like, but especially when they have multiple goals they can set while trying to reach those highscores (which also is something that needs to be added). The most common thing is of course skill points and a good shop to spend those points.


There's no doubt that within the next update we should definitely get some more commands added. Below will be some suggestions:


Loyalty system

I think we could do well with a loyalty system, would be a great way to keep track of vets, as well as incorporating a loyalty point shop (for example every hour could be 100 points).

High killcount npcs

I believe as updates come, it would be cool to add in some monsters that have required killcount to teleport to them.
And in my commands section that is where something like ::npclog or ::npckills would come in handy.


I think there should be announcements in the chat box when people make achievements for things such as maxing out a skill or getting a rare drop (example: chaotic from white knights).

So those are just a few suggestions we had talked about, nothing major, just a little something you guys can think about and look into if you haven't already been doing so.

Yours truly, Joe.

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