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Donate prices here! Empty Donate prices here!

Post by Codar on Wed Jun 15, 2016 6:32 am

What can you donate for?
Here is the list
Full virtus, torva, pernix. 3.50$ ea set.
Sponsor rank 15$
Donator rank 10$
V.I.P. rank 20$
Dice bag plus extra 1B, 5$
Ragefire, steadfast, boots 1.50$
Primal set 10$ (rarest armour in game so far.)
Basket of eggs, 4.50$ rarest skiller item in game, besides scythe.
Scythe, 3.50$
H'ween set, 2.50$
50-100 sinister keys 8.50$
50-100 mboxes 8.50$
This is the donating list. feel free to suggest more for donations.

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